The Colosseum of Heroes

Who we are and why we are here.

Alright, haha, so, long story short....

There once was a user named chuchan 

She had a lot of friends, she had a lot of fun

she had an idea, a very good one

so I said to myself, hey! I'll give it a run!

So I created this site, as a gift, not a pun

and I finished saying, hey, this is alright 

But then chu refused my gift, and it caused quite a fight

But all it was, was a single chatroom, so I upgraded,

and now its this, this site, is... quite a sight

if I do say so myself


Haha ok, most terrible poem ever, but it tell the story of how this came to be. It started out being just a normal chat room that would keep roleplayers from cheating, such as auto hit and such. But then I decided, lets let the world be a part of this, so I created this site.

Current Moderators


 Mod DescriptionPermissions
 Justin Rodgers (Jadefarcry) Creator, Head mod, ref mod, stats mod, trainerFull access 
 Vamplegend Trainer 
 Brittney (cookieisdope) Reporter 


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