The Colosseum of Heroes

The Arena


All powers can be used, but in order to use powers with weapons you have to buy and upgrade, fear not though, if you use one in battle we will automatically bill it for you, the same goes for any other item, but only one revive can be bought per match. 

 Fire element sword upgrade                                                                                                      50 gold

Water element sword upgrade                                                                                                 30 gold

Ice element sword upgrade                                                                                                        40 gold

Lightning element sword upgrade                                                                                            50 gold

Wind element sword upgrade                                                                                                   20 gold

Spirit element sword upgrade (all upgrades)                                                                       180 gold

All shuriken and kunai upgrades (no spirit upgrade)                                                         10 gold 

Revive (if you die in a match it revives you)                                                                          1000 gold            

Tag team (call a friend to help you in the match)                                                                                2000 gold


Current Player Stats


 Player level gold debt points
 Vamplegend 2.7300 10
 KitsuneOfTheFoxDemon       1500500 
 Kitsunewolf 1.5450 500 
 CharlotteShiver   1500500 
 Shaketsu                  2150 
 Ladyluxi 1 500 500 
 Crona575 1.1450500 
XMidnightShatteredX 1.7667200 3
 Chris1606 1500500 
 kuroxkun 1.3450500
 Vansoldier 1.24505000




1) Get ten thousand gold

2) Level up



1)ban a user (cannot be a mod)

2) get 50000 gold

3) level up 5 levels

4) get a single use powerful weapon



1) unban a user

2) get 1000000 gold

3) get a multi use powerful weapon

The Sparring Arena

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A place to battle unofficially

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